Welcome to Ocean Coaching for your wave of inspiration

I am a mum of three, a wife, a business owner, entrepreneur and super savvy successful productive Lifestyle and Business Performance Coach to business owners, who own, live, breathe and work in their own business!!

Why listen to me?? I have over 25 years experience in marketing and business ownership and I am an accredited performance coach.. I did not just go read a business or coaching book. I have been where you are now.

Its my aim and mission to inspire, support and motivate business owners. My aim is to assist those with a business and a family who are relying on you! I will help you find your purpose, realise your dreams, find clarity, focus and drive to seek your goals. Giving you the tools and techniques to master the art of juggling a family, relationships, partnerships and a business. Creating a life of financial wellbeing, a productive business to be proud of and freedom of time.

I am your other set of eyes on your business helping you on the road to success and harmonious family relationships.

For more information please see read my blogs or please email anita@oceancoaching.co.uk.


Who I work with?

Start Ups, New Business and those who have been in business a while who juggle work, business,  life and all things that matter.
Business owners who are trying to build their businesses while juggling home life and relationships or whom have come to a standstill in their life and business.  Those who are stuck, scared or have lost their passion and drive.  Independent businesses are my speciality!

Marketing Made Simple ‘The Package’

Marketing is not meant to be painful or confusing, its meant to bring you profit and success.

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Boost your Life and Business 121 Coaching

One hour to work on your business with me!

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VIP Signature Business Coaching Package

Inspiring Action for Business Owners, not just your typical business coaching.

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What is business networking and why should I try it out?


Lets chat getting out there and networking


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