10 Signs you should start up your own business and make the leap!

You absolutely feel like you are going into a dark hole when approaching the office/workplace.

You are overcome with anxiety every Sunday night, knowing you have to face ‘work’ the next day.

You know you can do it better, you could offer a fabulous service if only you were the boss.

You cringe at the small talk, the relentless chitchat and know you are not being listened too.

You have an idea about a business, you know you could make it work, you think about it all the time but are not sure how to put it into practice.

Your knowledge, skills and expertise are not utilized enough, you feel let down, you feel you are often too good for the role you are doing but then equally feel you aren’t good enough to be a business owner.

You dread having to ask the boss for time off so you can go watch the kids nativity play or sports day or attend a parents evening or show.

You have a burning passion for your new venture and you are having masses of belief in the product or service.

You no longer want the 9-5 commute or stuck in traffic daily, getting home later and later and never seeing your kids, you want to be able to work flexible hours to spend more time with them.

You have worked out what is important in life and what isn’t; you truly are sitting there day in, day out wondering ‘is this it?’ ‘I am worth more than this’

If this has resonated with you and you want to go into 2018 with a new vision, a plan or maybe just even think about it some more, sign up for my Free EBook ‘The Savvy Start Up Guide’ which has some awesome advice on what to think about when you are looking into starting your own venture.




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