2017 Lessons and Moving on

2017 a year of curveballs and lessons!
Wow what a year!

Before I go on any further, this isn’t going to be your usual goal setting, new years resolutions, lets be grateful for the year we have had blah blah blah blog/news/article from a well meaning coach.

I am stepping up into 2018 as I mean to go on from the wake up calls I have had in 2017!

So as many of you know, this past year has been horrid personally, caring for my terminally ill sister in law for the first half of the year and then she passed away in May, knocked me for six, knocked the stuffing out of me and my family, had to support my husband through the loss of his beloved sister, sort a funeral, sort probate/estate and financial stuff, mediate family fall outs which are common but exhausting, then after all that, my poor mum was blue lighted into hospital while I was away in the campervan so had to dash back 3 hour drive to A&E at midnight, mum then spent time in hospital and I had to be right hand woman for my poor dad, she’s had a rough few months and wont ever be fully recovered but she’s still with us and that I am grateful for.  Lots of other stuff has happened this year, which has tested me that’s for sure. Am I strong or just get on with it, often we have no choice.

My sister in law Amanda was the most positive, beautiful, creative, inspiring, brave lady you could ever meet, she has left something in me which makes me so so determined to live and be grateful for waking up each day. She was so proud of my and my business and I owe it to her to keep going but follow my own true path and stop listening to every one else’s opinions!

So I am dedicating the  last reflections  of 2017 to my beautiful sister in law Amanda who was an inspiration and one of my most loyal supporters in life. I am also dedicating this to my Mum, a very strong, brave lady who often doesn’t always agree with me but has brought me up to be the strong woman, wife and mother I am today.

So my top tips and stuff I have reflected on, learning, developing and moving forward with are the following, you are more than welcome to take some of this stuff for yourself.

One massive thing for me this year in business was I resigned from my networking group, I had been a member for just short of 6 years and was Vice President, I had pondered and worried too much about how others would feel if I left but on reflection, it was a hard decision to make but the best one, I felt that I was letting others down but I needed to do it for me and get some of me back! If your intuition is telling you to do something, listen to it!

I will stop worrying what others think of my success, my business and my life!

If I want to tell my crowd and my followers what an awesome adventure I am having or when I am out and about and I want to share it with you all, then I will!

No more worrying about being too happy, too positive, too grateful, too blessed to wake up every single morning, I have spent far too much time and energy this year worrying what ‘others think’, ‘am I showing off or boasting’.

Usually the reason we feel we cannot show up really as our true selves is because we have spent a lifetime being told we are not good enough or equally being told by well meaning friends ‘its ok for you to have holidays or time off because you don’t have to work the hours I do’, simply forgetting that when you are a business owner you don’t get paid leave, you often work early mornings/late nights, weekends from your laptop while away on a holiday! If anyone reading this has come up against this, tell your well-meaning friends ‘they too can change their life or career!’

I am going to make darn sure I turn this stuff around in 2018!

No more putting up with or wasting my energy where it’s not going to be of use to me.

On a personal note I am taking up tennis again, I used to play it when I was a kid and a teen, someone mentioned on the radio the other day about taking up a hobby you used to love as a kid again, that is top of my list!

I am also reading loads more, a mix of feel good books and self-development.

Listening to good uplifting feel good music is great for the soul and head too, especially when working!

Meditation during the day doesn’t come easy to me, the getting up early, meditating, having a fresh smoothie and doing yoga before the house wakes up isn’t always feasible when I am snug in bed and trying to get up before the 11 year old daughter who is up at 6! So I have started to try and meditate at bedtime, which works a treat, I think, but then I usually fall asleep ten minutes in to it! I have started to have smoothies for breakfast and I intend to start yoga again soon. I will keep you updated!

Dressing as a I want too, having my hair blonde with blue and maybe more blue or even red later in the spring, I am after all mid 40s and as a woman who empowers others to live the life they want too, I am more than capable of being me, being who I am and being comfortable about my changing body shape!

Non of this ‘no longer hiding in the shadows’ has come easy, I am still very much work in progress and healing after a shocking year, BUT I am without a doubt living life to the full and ensuring I walk the talk. Sometimes I will mess up and no doubt will have a few more curveballs but none of them will be anything like this year and I am sure I am building up a new resilience too! (Also helps to just be you!)

I have lots of wonderful business plans for the New Year too:

Podcast launching mid January! (Once I have stopped faffing with it!)

Improved Website (work in progress always!)

Savvy Start Up Package for those thinking of making the leap

Business Review where I spend a morning or a day in your business with you and help you move forward (imagine Alex Polittzi the Hotel Inspector or Mary Portas Queen of Shops but more Anita McAloren the business inspector/superhero)

Definitely going to launch my networking group for local small businesses but it will be different to all the other groups out there.

Blitz your Business Sessions on a monthly basis (the current VIP Package but more flexible and payment plan too!)

Coaching from the Camper Van for stressed out business owners! (Love my campervan and my work so I will be combining the two!)

Lots of other exciting plans in the head at the moment, lets smash 2018!

Make today the day you promise to live your life your way, shout for help in life or business when needed, don’t hide away and stop worrying what others think!

If I can do it, so can you! I changed my life and career, so can you!

Have an amazing 2018, look forward to new beginnings and a better version of you.

Take care

Lifestyle and Business Coach 

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