Boss your networking

Are you a Networking Newbie?


Do you struggle with networking in person or even the thought of it makes you squirm?


Do you imagine attending a networking event will be full of suits, full of people who are further down the line than you in business? More successful than you? Super confident and not want to listen to what you have to say and offer?


Never know how to start a conversation or introduce yourself, how to carry yourself confidently as the go to person in your industry?


Worry about what to say when you are offered a one-minute pitch?


Scared with presenting yourself in front of a room of strangers, mind monkeys saying ‘you aren’t professional enough’?


Why should you even bother networking locally in person?


You think you are too busy to network?


If this is something you struggle with, I can help, I have published a FREE Ebook on my top tips for finding a networking group that works for you, how to open up conversation, how to prepare for your first networking event and come away feeling uplifted and motivated to make networking a part of your marketing strategy in your business.

For a free copy which will be sent straight to your inbox sign up here:

Go forth and Network! Turn those connections into profit!

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