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I am a mum of three, a wife, a business owner, entrepreneur and super savvy successful productive Business Coach to business owners, who own, live, breathe and work in their own business!! Why listen to me?? I have over 25 years experience in marketing and business ownership and I am an accredited performance coach.. I did not just go read a business book. I have been where you are now.

Its my aim and mission to inspire, support and motivate business owners to go from chaos to calm!

Marketing Top Tips for Businesses on a Small Budget


It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, no more marketing to the masses, work out what is it you do and whom you serve then the marketing will be focused and your message/advert will be clear bringing your perfect clients to you without too much expense or headache!

Important Tip: Once you have your ideal clients, make sure you offer the best in customer service so you keep them, you want them to go out and shout about you from the rooftops and recommend you to all their friends, colleagues and family.

First step Recognizing your Ideal Client

Why did you set up your business?

What do you love to do?

What does your business offer?

What problem does your product or service solve?

What value do you give?

Why should they choose you, over and above the competitors? What’s different about you and your services? This is your USP.

Once you have identified your perfect client it will keep your marketing focused.

Absolutely no point being all to everyone, for instance I do not own a horse, so its pointless a horse accessories company offering me a discount on horse blankets.

So once you have your ideal client and your product/services planned then its time to think about marketing.

You need to be able to evaluate, react and respond to your ideal client needs with your super services and products.

Always block out time in your schedule for marketing, planning is key.

So today lets work on the two main areas of marketing:

Online and Offline Marketing.

Offline Marketing – Networking – go to local networking groups, business groups, chamber of commerce events, business exhibitions, business centres often host networking lunches, breakfasts etc., have a look to see if these events have your ideal clients as participants, offer to be a guest speaker so you can get in front of them.

TIP: Take plenty of business cards, dress as if they were your best client, smile, good handshake and always think of a perfect intro tagline, when asked what it is you do… instead of saying for instance ‘I am a business coach’ and watch them glaze over, I would say ‘I help businesses overcome obstacles and realities standing in their way of success’ or ‘I help businesses reach their ideal clients and market with success’.

Online Marketing – Social Media

Common problem – expensive websites in the first months of business and wasting money on getting it all perfect!

Visibility is key on Social Media

Where would you go online for help if you were your ideal client?

What would you be looking for?

So here’s what you can do on Social Media for little or no cost.

Face Book Business Page or Group:

Give loads of interaction, post good content, give value & top tips!

To increase followers, share your page wherever your ideal customer hangs out, i.e. mums will be in parenting groups, mumpreneur groups, and healthy eating/lifestyle for instance.

Twitter and Linked In

You Tube – share and post up your videos!

Videos are superb as Google loves them, Facebook pages you can record live, people love interaction and people buy people, you could go live with just some thoughts of the day, top tips or helpful suggestions, if you cook, for instance, celebration cakes, you could do a video blog making one with top tips and share it on Facebook, you tube or live on periscope or Facebook!

Newsletters – Blog

Build a mailing list on mail chimp so you can keep your clients informed and up to date of any offers you have or new services or products.

Offer freebies for sign ups

Testimonials – post them on your social media profiles

E Book – write a small top tips e book

Try and have a basic marketing plan and write out what you are trying to achieve and to whom.

Whatever you do .. enjoy it! This is a massive part of the daily running of your empire no matter how big or small your business.

Would you like more support and assistance with your business and marketing? Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed, conflicted, unproductive and struggling with motivation or planning in your business, email and we can put you on the right path to success.

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