Hands up who is on the hamster wheel?

So you’re a little stuck? No clear plan, lost your mojo and passion, feeling frazzled because you working so hard to make ends meet but deep down there’s so much more you could do with some clarity.

You wake up every day thinking ‘crikey is this it?’.
Time what’s that? You have zero time to work on your business because you’re working all hours to get some sales and get the money in!

You are out there working all day, then you have quotes and emails to do, paperwork, admin and all the other stuff and all you want to do is kick back on the sofa and get some rest before the hamster wheel starts again.

Trying to keep customers happy, your bank balance happy but it’s all overwhelming and all consuming.

Goals? Plans? Growth.. yep you want all that but you are so tired and worn out and your head is in overwhelm, you have no time to do anything else?

You keep being thrown curveballs that get in your way?

You know you want to build a successful business and you know you should reach out for help but you are too busy making a living.

You don’t need someone to tell you what to do because frankly you have been in business for years, what can someone else teach you?

You take on any work just because it pays the bills but you know its not profitable, its not what you want to do but you need to keep the money rolling in?

You sit for hours staring at your laptop needing some inspiration to do your much needed marketing or you are so darn busy you haven’t the time but then when you have a quiet week or month of zero clients you start to panic and even think it’ll be easier to give up!

You want it to be different this time next year… you want to start a new month with Action!

How about you spend one hour with me to focus purely on a key area of your business you are struggling with? One hour out of your life this month to make some changes and work out where you are going?

During my power hours with clients these are the areas we have covered:

Marketing in the 21st century with customer focus!
Network with Confidence
Role Responsibilities
Time Management
Goal Setting
Conflict & Resolution
Business Growth and Planning
Making the leap from employment to the world of business ownership
Successful Juggling of Family Life & Business

So what’s in it for you?

We will chat over Skype, I’ll use my intuition, my years of experience in business and some fab not your typical biz coaching tools and techniques to get you thinking and doing!

Lastly we will come up with an awesome action plan full of stuff you can implement straight away!

To grab your Skype session with me just Email : anita@oceancoaching.co.uk
Book your Boost your biz Power Hour and start living the life you deserve today, your business and future self will thank you for it.

I have a few slots left for the next month so get in quick!

Boost your Business 121 Power Hour

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