Detox Monday and Meditation!

Bet you read that title and thought ‘urrgggghhhhh’ Just stay with me for a moment and read on..

We are all busy aren’t we?

If you are anything like me, on a weekend when you are out with friends, socialising, hosting dinner parties, you often think ‘Come Monday I am on a detox, I am going to drink more water, I am going to meditate, I am going to get up early, eat better, meal plan, go to bed earlier, read more, take better care of myself’.

Then Monday comes and you are tired from the weekend, you have thrown packed lunches together from the last remnants of bread and fillings you have in the fridge, you have got the kids to school, gone to work (even if it is a home office) forgotten to eat breakfast, forgotten your own lunch, sped through the day of work and clients, keeping customers happy, making lists, cracked on and then picked the kids up, thrown a dinner together, forgotten to meal plan so often grab a takeaway, you are exhausted, feel bad for letting yourself down AGAIN! Done the evening chores, grabbed a glass of wine or a cold beverage and sat on the sofa, saying to yourself, I will sort it tomorrow, I will start again tomorrow, then the next day and the next is the same, then you hit Friday and say to yourself ‘on Monday I will Detox’ and the same thing happens again.

If you are anything like many of us, you have been on this repeat cycle of complete hamster wheel life since January when you woke up on the 1st January and said ‘this year I will wake up earlier, meditate, plan better, eat and sleep better’ etc. etc. now its September!

When did that happen?? You have spent the summer working and holidaying, eating, drinking, not looking after yourself 100% and now its almost Christmas!


I am a big advocate for looking after mind, body, if we don’t feel right, if we don’t look after number one, then who on earth and ourselves will look after the family, the business and our lives!

I have made a promise to myself after a completely bonkers year of dealing with a huge family bereavement, funeral planning, poorly mum, juggling my business and the family, getting my youngest ready for joining senior school and lots of camping trips, that I will start to put me first for a while, I will do my best to get up earlier, meditate, dump all the stuff out of my morning head onto paper, drink more water, walk more, eat and meal plan, be more organised in my family life and business, read more, sleep better! PHEW… It can be done!

Lets make the last quarter of the year, the time when we put OURSLEVES first and go into 2018 with a fresh mind, body and business!

Guest Blog alert from one of my clients. The awesome ‘walks her talk/practices what she teaches’ Nutrition Coach Claryn Nicholas

I have a wonderful friend, fellow coach and client who has taught me lots recently, she has been gracious enough to write a guest blog for you all on meditation and I encourage you to read it, she is the go to lady for nutrition, health and body coaching!  

The benefits of incorporating meditation into your daily routine

A few years ago, I couldn’t even do mindfulness. My mind was always too busy wondering and for me to be physically still felt like a waste of time, because instead I could be doing something else which could have been more useful.
Life was literally like a conveyer belt and I seemed to thrive on that. Stressed as I was, I just carried on and managed how I knew how – running.

Fast forward a couple of years, as I became more aware of myself and my way of living and being, I started to see the connection between the dots of physical, mental, emotional and psychological well-being. Becoming more aware of how I felt and how things affected me was a good place to start, followed by how my behaviour could affect other people around me, so this was about increasing self-awareness about myself. Then it became about how I responded to people, things, situation, and everything else outside my control and let go of things, which I couldn’t control or no longer mattered. The hardest thing I found, and still do sometimes, was the way I responded to people. A great reminder for me on how I respond to people is: ‘your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me’. I love this because it removes self-blame in negative situations or encounters and enhances my awareness and taps into my higher self.


Read more



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