Family Business and Juggling the kids!

Kids poorly?? Working from home?? Frustrated?? Tired?? Trying to do it all??

Yep that was me this week, I was working from home, which is not unusual for me in my businesses, but I had my daughter with me poorly.

So while she was snuggled next to me on the sofa, laptop at the ready and work that needs to be done, it made me think, this is a common occurrence all around the world, entrepreneurial parents with our empires and our families too.

The realities of being a parent and a business owner.

The positive to being an entrepreneur, a family business owner is freedom, flexibility and the ability to run our empires with poorly children in tow, so we can care for them and keep the business afloat, it just takes a little time management and super quick strategy planning when it happens.


  • Schedule the day – do not feel guilty that you have to care for your children when they are off school or college! Same goes for anyone you care for in your family.
  • Postpone any appointments you have as soon as you can, a quick text, email is much better than avoiding that long call of having to explain why you are unavailable. Much better to contact clients or suppliers early on the day and then rearrange, they will understand.
  • Emails – use the time to catch up on your emails, have an inbox clear out or schedule that signature box you wanted to design but have had no time.
  • Social Media – Use the time to be productive and plan your social media, write up your blogs and newsletters.
  • Photos/Images for ads and marketing or for your blogs, sort them into folders on your laptop so they are easy to find.
  • Use a timer so you don’t spend too long on one task.
  • Diary Tidy Up – Go through your diary and planner, add/remove stuff!
  • Unsubscribe from all those groups you never visit on social media, the long emails you no longer read!
  • Identify distractions and make sure you eliminate them
  • Write and plan! Write up everything that is in your head, get it all down on paper, the To Do List, the plans for business growth, your marketing plans, obstacles you want to work with, anything that is getting in your way. You can then, Prioritise, plan and focus on what really needs to be done.

Most importantly use the day to just be grateful you have the opportunities to work from home and juggle the family. Once you have caught up on the to do list and felt slightly less guilty and more productive, you can reward yourself, sit with a cuppa, put the answerphone on, turn off the laptop and spend some time with your loved ones.

I see you, hear you and know your struggles because we have ALL been there!

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