Happy Christmas !!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all, my clients, followers and those who support me and one another in business.

Massive thank you to all of you whom have trusted me to help you in your businesses, with your marketing, your growth, those areas you struggle with and just to have me there to inspire, motivate and support you in the last 12 months.

Well what a year and what a journey for me this year. I have truly loved working with you all, even if its just some top tips and some advice.

Not only have I worked with some awesome business owners from a coaching perspective but I have had so much fun mixing business with pleasure too throughout the year.

I have also been fortunate enough to travel around the UK both for business to meet new clients and lovely business owners but also to spend some quality down time with my family in our camper van, life is all about making memories right?? 

I did something amazing this summer, something I hadn’t done before to this level, as many of you know I absolutely love my VW Camper van and the VW community is absolutely huge. I worked on the VW M25 Run the Ring event as their Marketing Guru, our aim was to get as many VWs to drive at 50mph on a charity cruise around the M25 on the 25th September to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, well to say it was a success (for the first time this had been done) was an understatement! We had over 400 vehicles take part and raised over £10,000. The group has now risen to over 3,300 members and we plan to do it all again next year for Scotties Little Soldiers (a charity which supports bereaved youngsters whose parents may have died in the armed forces). Not only did we manage to pull the cruise off, but the night before I managed to organise over 40 VW camper vans for a mass camp out in Hertfordshire which was great fun for all concerned. So it was a real rollercoaster of emotion, joy and excitement but also a realisation that you can mix business with pleasure and you can give back. It was darn hard work to organise and get the word out there, PR and Marketing is superb but also can be tiring and organising such  an event was huge. I am so proud of the team I worked alongside and also proud to be part of the VW Run the Ring group. It was also rather different to my usual work! The photo on this newsletter is me on the charity cruise in my trusty campervan!

So on that note, my message to you all is to get out there, build your businesses, have fun and make sure whatever you do, you give something back, no matter how small.  Most of all remember why you are in business and how you can reflect on what you did well this year, what worked for you and how you can improve in 2017.

If you are struggling I have some top tips you can use all year:
To help you manage productively here are My Top Tips:


Hope these little tips help you make a difference in your business!!

So have a fabulous break, enjoy some down time and reflection and come back super recharged and refreshed for the New Year ahead!

Remember achieving greatness is closer than you think.

Anita xx

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