Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017!!

How will you make a difference to your business, finances, growth, marketing, family and life this year?

Happy New Year to all my clients, followers and colleagues 

I hope you all had a fabulous christmas, spent some time with loved ones and most of all enjoyed the break away from the business.

Did you have time to reflect on what worked well in 2016 in your business or areas you know you can improve?

Was it all glitz and celebration or was it a blessed relief you have managed to keep going for another year?

Well now is the time to get some goals in place, work out how you can change things this year so that in December you can look back and reflect and celebrate on a successful year!

You may have decided that you are doing ok and want to continue.

You may have decided to embark on the search for some support from a coach, a mentor or look for support around you.

You may even have decided to completely change your business plan, narrow down your niche or your products.

Whatever you are feeling right now, know that you can change, adapt, grow and make a difference.

Sometimes all you need is to thrash those ideas out with someone you can trust (someone who has been where you are now!) sometimes all it takes is a good conversation to make you think ‘Aha’ and have a moment of clarity, you may have some plans you want to talk over with someone or need guidance on what to do next, another set of eyes on your business is all you need.

I have some massive plans for my coaching practice for this year, I too have reflected on what works well, what my clients need and how I can help. My packages will be changing this Spring, my focus is going to be back to basics business sense and assistance. One of the biggest areas I work with is Marketing and getting you out there, this will be a huge focus for many of my clients. I will be drawing on the years of business experience I have to help all of you. So some of my work will be for start ups, or those who are new in business, those whom have been in business  a long time and need some support. Its exciting and I love helping my clients.

I am also going to be starting my in person coaching workshops along with getting myself out of my coaching practice; networking with local businesses!

So without sounding like your average coach, if you need help, if you need inspiration, motivation or support to get you where you want to be this year then drop me an email and we can see how we could work together, sometimes all it takes is a one hour chat over Skype or the telephone to get you on the right track.

Happy New Year to you and yours.. start 2017 with a vision and a plan!

Remember achieving greatness is closer than you think.

Anita xx

If you are struggling with business, life and the whole darn thing, book a one hour Boost your Biz power hour with me and I can get you from chaos to calm! I have limited slots available in January so get in quick!!  Drop me an email to book or more info anita@oceancoaching.co.uk


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