I don’t need a Business Coach

 You have been in business for donkeys’ years, for centuries (or sometimes it feels that way!).


What can anyone teach you about business that you don’t already know?


Sure you want to invest time in yourself and grow your business, who doesn’t, but you are way too busy for all that nonsense.


What can anyone else possibly know about YOUR business than you?


You would rather stick pins in your eyes than let someone even think you are a failure?


You know that and you’re right, investing hundreds sometimes thousands of your hard earned cash thrown at a coach wont solve your business problems, wont help you anymore than you can help yourself or grow your business?


The simple action of handing over money to a business coach will not suddenly make you a millionaire, nor will things change drastically, nor will they be able to perform a miracle


You have been unfortunate enough to meet ‘business coaches’ at business events and their only experiences of business are working in a bank or corporate entity having never ran a business before or they have read a ‘really good coaching guide’ or they have a mate who has a business and they told them to market their business to everyone because that’s what they think you should do because they read it on the t’internet.


Not forgetting the ‘business experts’ who are marketing gurus but when you check their social media pages they have not updated them or posted to them for a while, the ones who have profile pictures of big mansions and prestige sports cars but deep down when you do some research they live in normal homes with normal cars. We all want to connect with success, of course, but you want to be working with someone who is real and authentic not someone with a fake profile.


Also success and growth is also down to you:


To want to change.


To want to be held accountable.


To want to make a difference.


To be smarter with your work time.


To be more productive.


To increase sales and profits.


To stop being on this hamster wheel.


A Business Coach will show you the way:


Another set of eyes on your business – View your business from a different perspective.


May even have some skills up their sleeve that you haven’t got. After all we are all masters in our field of expertise.


They may even suggest strategies that may just make a difference.


It might be the support you need at just the right time.


A good business coach should be able to:

(With your permission and in a coaching relationship!)


Communicate effectively with you, listening with both ears always and never judging you.


Help you find out where you are now and where you want to be.


Help you see through and plan your vision to a more effective way of working.


Without a plan we can fail, so goal setting is so important.


Show you how you can get there and overcome the obstacles and realities you face daily in Life and Business (Yep the two do overlap and never let anyone tell you any different!)


They should be able to help you get everything out of your head and onto an actionable plan (old fashioned business plans are not always needed!)


Help you create the Action Plan, To Do Lists, Schedule and keep a decent diary or planners so you know where you have to be and when, work coming up and how to deliver it!


Stop you from marketing to the masses and only market to those you are trying to reach.


Train you the basics at least of marketing, social media and where best to spread your message.


Show you how to network or get out there in front of clients with confidence and a pitch that puts you head and shoulders above the rest.


Help you compete with the big guys or indeed search out your USP so you can stop worrying about competitors.


Prevent you from spending ££££ss on marketing you don’t actually need or can afford!


Help you develop and grow your business from the ground up.


Help you in the most common areas of business and other stuff that comes up daily for you that makes it hard to succeed or just to get through the day.


Ultimately the business coach needs to have ran a business, warts and all, they must be living, walking, talking examples of the good, the bad and the downright ugly of being a business owner. No shiny suits allowed or briefcases with tatty documents!


A good coach will keep you accountable and on task, even when you feel like curling up on the sofa every night after a long day working and earning.


Coaches like me are meant to inspire, support and motivate. I inspire business owners to take action. Why?? Because its what I do, what I love to do and I am kind of living proof that you can have a successful business or two and live a relatively reasonable life even with kids, partners, customers, businesses and daily obstacles.


So if I can help you, drop me an email and we can schedule a call.


Have a fab week


Remember achieving greatness is closer than you think


Kind regards


Anita McAloren Dip PC MNCP

The Business Success Coach


Ocean Coaching your wave of inspiration




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