Marketing Made Simple Live In Kent Workshops!


Live Workshops for Small Businesses 2017

Starting Monday 22 May Spaces limited… 


So you’ve asked me about marketing and back to basics.


I’ve listened to you all and done some research on common problems with marketing many small business owners have.


I’ve launched my ‘Marketing Made Simple’ workshops today and you all get first dibs at tickets.


Spaces are limited for a reason.


I would also really love you to share this event too for me 🙂


This will be like no other marketing social media training you’ve been offered or attended in the past.


You’re getting me in small groups giving you my years of marketing and business knowledge.


This has been developed with business owners like you all in mind.


For more info, what you will get from it and to book on please visit:

Marketing Made Simple Workshops


Have you ever pondered or thought or heard the following:

*All of these are quotes taken from conversations I have heard, comments I have gathered and conversations with others about their views on marketing.


What on earth is marketing?


Yep, I am doing ok with my marketing thanks.


Marketing doesn’t work.


Waste of time all that marketing rubbish.


I’ve tried to advertise in the local publications but nobody reads them, never had one person through the door from those ads.


I haven’t got time for marketing or worrying about where my business is going.


I have a website, its been there years, don’t use it much.


Social Media isn’t for my business.


Social Media is a fad and its not where my customers will find me.


Only young people use social media not my clients.


Social Media is only for gossip, posting about what you are up too and showing off


Its too much work, I have enough to do


I don’t know how to use social media or do marketing and I haven’t the time to learn.


I don’t want bad reviews posted by unhappy clients


I don’t see the ROI of marketing (Rate of Investment)


It’s costly


It doesn’t work.


We didn’t have that marketing stuff back in the olden days and we did ok.


I’ve spent a few quid on leaflets but they didn’t get me any work.


I am doing some marketing honest.


Isn’t marketing all about ringing people, you know cold calling?


I don’t know much about marketing its not for me.


I don’t have the time or the money to have a website


I don’t need it


I get my partner to do some stuff for me sometimes


I have a secretary who can do that marketing stuff when she can


I wouldn’t know what to write about or what to say in my marketing


My trade doesn’t have content to write about


I’m just a one-man band


I spend thousands a year on marketing and I get little back


I have radio ads, that’s enough


I have enough customers


Too much competition out there, what’s the point


I use word of mouth as my marketing


Everyone already knows about the business and us


Its cool I don’t need to do marketing because I go networking


My business doesn’t work online, I work with my hands


Branding, that’s for the people with businesses with loads of staff.


I don’t ‘do marketing’.


Marketing is for big companies with loads of money to waste.


I have loads of business thanks, I don’t need anymore.


I have times when my business Is busy then I panic when I have no work in and I just get an ad in the local press but sometimes its too expensive so I just ride it out.



If you want to make a difference to your business and your marketing, come join me in my Live in Kent ‘Marketing Made Simple’ Workshops.


As a ‘Thank you’ for all those who attend all three workshops, you will receive a discount voucher for my 121 Coaching Sessions if you wanted to work 121 with me in the future.


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