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The Savvy Start Up Podcast
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The Savvy Start Up Podcast is for you if you are thinking about making the leap from the corporate world or employment into setting up your own business, maybe you have an idea about a business, maybe you have had a massive break from the working world and spent years caring for family and now you are embracing your freedom, you want to make a difference to your life and work for yourself.

I am a life and business coach with over 25 years experience in marketing and 20 years in business. Its my mission to empower you to make those changes and have a successful business!

Each week we will cover a different area of business with lots of tips and advice to get you from an idea to action!

Episodes so far:
How to find a business coach with ease
Live your life with purpose and passion
Ten signs you should start up your own business
Motivation Tips to help you reach your goals



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Achieving greatness is closer than you think


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