Marketing Made Simple ‘The Package’

*Via video call

You need clarity/focus/direction on your marketing goals

You are ready to take immediate action

You want to learn how to create a successful marketing plan

You need to ultimately increase sales

You are searching for new clients, where are they, who are they??

You want a plan to keep those clients coming back and be your best cheerleaders.

You want to create attractive, engaging content on your website and social media but don’t know how!

So what does the Marketing Made Simple Package include?

A 2 hour Mentoring Session via video call 

Simple Marketing Action Plan with tools and techniques for you to implement immediately!

Pre Coaching Questionnaire (to discover who you are, how you act and react in business!)

A follow up phone call session to keep you on track with email support.

Email support during the month to keep you accountable and help you when you need it most!

In the sessions we will cover:

Seek out your goals and intentions; find out where you want to be and how you will get there.

Marketing & Social Media Planning.

Mentoring & Support for event planning, workshops, find your priority & preferred social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Video Blogging, E Newsletter creation and Visual techniques.

Content Creation for Websites, Blogs and Social Media. Simple, easy to implement techniques to use straight away!

I am your other set of eyes on your business and I am intuitive too, often suggesting collaborations where you could network and collaborate with others to increase your client base.

We will find out where your Ideal Clients are, where to find them and reach them, how to help them, how to use marketing to ask the right questions, evaluate and respond to your clients needs, desires and realities.

You will be able to create a marketing action plan that works for you and your business, you will know how to schedule a marketing hour into your day and plan exactly what to post, where and when.

Investment from you: £449 

You will also be held accountable with access to me via email if you need to contact me or simply need help during the month!

No more sitting staring blank at the screen, scribbling and doodling marketing plans that have no order, priority or sense! We will get you out there, unstuck and working so productively on your Marketing that you will be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner! Go from muddled to majestic… marketing doesn’t need to be painful, its meant to bring you profit!

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