Silly stuff people say about starting a business!

I have heard some real gems in my 20 years in business, I have compiled a few for you which have really made me chuckle, shout and scream about!

It’s so easy to start a business all you need is some fancy stationery, letterheads, biz cards and website and you’re off…

You don’t need to worry about having a rainy day pot of money to fall back on

Your friends and family will be so supportive and tell the world about you and help you get known and they wont mind if you bury your head in work and ignore the phone when they want a chat or pop in for a coffee!

You can build a business overnight, after all if you are determined you will succeed in a day

Clients will come knocking and your phone won’t stop ringing with work and bookings and sales just off the back of a one off meeting and website

It’ll be so much easier to be self employed cos you get to have as much time off as you want

You don’t need advice from others after all you know it all… who needs to work with a business coach or a marketing consultant or an accountant, it can’t be that hard.

You will be able to just ditch the 9-5 and start up the next day with a very full diary

When you go networking, everyone will know exactly what it is you do and they will immediately refer clients and bsuienss to you, all that know, like and trust rubbish, ha ha hilarious!

Of course you’ll know all about the Tech stuff, sales, Marketing, customer service, staffing, insurance, admin, productivity, time management and how to handle difficult clients or staff… yeh you can get all that from a biz book

I’ve read a book and I’ve listened to an MLM talk so I’m ready to have a 6 figure business and the guy on you tube said it’ll happen overnight if I manifest it and if I put it on a vision board I’ll have overnight success without any effort

Being in business can be fun, can be profitable, you can be a success, it also can be tedious, hard work and you don’t always have set hours or a set plan BUT its worth every moment when you do it well and do it right! 

Have a fab Wednesday 🙂 

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  • Ginnie Bee

    Its a real roller coaster …and experience but what ever it is not regretable

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