Success Tips for December, juggling work, kids, family and Christmas

Ultimate Success Daily Sanity Tips for juggling the kids, your work, a business and Christmas!!

I am a mum of three, a wife, a business owner, entrepreneur and super savvy successful productive Lifestyle and Business Coach to those who own, live, breathe and work in their own businesses!!

So yes, I know all too well the daily life we all lead, trying to get everyone out the door for school, college, partners/husbands to work, packed lunches, school money, uniforms, homework done, the school run where you often meet Mrs Perfectly organisedMrs running late, Mrs just coping and Mrs just got home from a night shift of work. The endless tasks and daily planning of meal times, grocery shopping, medical appointments, dentists, after school clubs and activities, stroppy teenagers taxi service, assisting our elderly parents, helping out a friend, helping the husband with his business/work, the laundry, the housework, the homework, the study, endless tasks to manage and look after a home and family! ALL THAT BEFORE YOU START WORKING yourself on your business or in your business or going off to the day job!! Phew… I am worn out just thinking about it and those are just a handful of stuff we mums have to do before we even think about our needs or ourselves!

Add into the mix Christmas!! On the run up to the BIG Day, we are not only working and juggling the family but we now have to add in to our day and the weeks ahead:

Nativity Plays, School discos, Sleepovers and running the kids here there and everywhere.

Christmas get togethers.

Socials with Family and Friends.

Present buying and wrapping, more shopping.

What to wear? New party outfits for the kids school disco.

New Dress and heels for you and the husband announces he needs a shirt for that ‘Do’ you are reluctantly going to.

Cards to buy, write and send (without forgetting the long lost relatives or the people who send you a card because you met them 10 years ago on holiday but haven’t seen since)

Food to buy and prep and cook and stress over who eats what.

More entertaining than we know how to shake a stick at, we have to tune into Nigella or Delia at a moments notice!

The well meaning friends who want to see you but you literally have no time!

Your bank balance is screaming STOP!

You have clients to see, customers to sort and orders to fulfill.

You are trying so hard to keep the business afloat.

You are not only working in your business and juggling the family but now you have MORE TO DO!

So here are some of my top tips to help you each and everyday and not just the run up to Christmas. These are very simple tips that help me run my business, the family business and manage a home with three children, a husband, a dog and my own studying and self-development.

Planner: Use A Diary or Calendar/Planner/Notebookkeep a note of all important dates and appointments, sounds simple but it works! When the school letters come out with dates of non-uniform days, holidays etc. write them down straight away on your calendar/planner. Don’t stuff the letter into your bag! Write in all the additional commitments for the school plays and discos over Christmas!

Schedule: plan your working productivity in the diary, for instance block out specific times for admin, marketing, clients & planning. Make sure you block out some time for you in the diary too, even just for a walk, long bath, reading a book, exercise or just to be still in the moment with a coffee.

Stop Procrastinating: Be productive in your working day, plan what you will be doing and then you will not waste the day sitting staring blank at the laptop screen wondering what to do next or get distracted.

The No Fun Tasks: If there are tasks you do not want to do but know you have too, then spend 20 minutes on it, try and get it done first then move on to something you love doing!

Lists: Have one for your Business Tasks, one for Home Tasks and one for Personal Tasks. Each day look at your lists and plan three tasks that you will definitely do that day, and then celebrate with a cuppa or a walk when you have done them! Also add a quick folder on your smartphone notes for Christmas or add another quick list in your planner (when you suddenly remember that extra gift you need to buy!)

Quick light bulb moment: Sticky notes are invaluable for a quick reminder or when you suddenly think of something.

Plan, Prioritise and Schedule each evening what is happening the next day.  Organise clothes, school uniforms, packed lunches, money, bags, etc. the night before so there is no massive rush the next morning to find that sock or shoe!

Time: Work out what time you have to leave the house by and get up on time making sure you are not starting the day off running late. A productive day starts with a productive morning.

Shopping and Meal Plans: Schedule a weekly online grocery delivery and shop. (Especially around Christmas try and get as much of the shopping done online!!)

Social Media/Blog planning: always have a small notebook with you at all times, when you are sat waiting in the car on the school run or waiting for a client or just simply waiting you can quickly note down any ideas that come to you which can then be turned into blogs, newsletters, social media posts and more!

Get that Newsletter, Blog and Social Media posts written now and scheduled so you can have some time off over the Christmas holiday!

Learn to say no: If friends or family want to meet for coffee or pop around while you are working from home, tell them you are working, you will catch up soon and then make a date to do that rather than interrupt your working time. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY FOR SAYING NO! This rule applies at Christmas! If you literally don’t want to see them, have no time to see them at the moment and are so over stretched then tell them.. You can always meet up in January!

You come first: Finally, take some time out for you!

If we are all happy, productive, successful mums then it will reflect onto our families and our businesses.

Exercise, eat well, drink lots of water and caffeine free drinks and make sure you have your pampering, get your nails done, have your hair done, go by that dress!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, conflicted, unproductive and struggling with motivation or planning in your business, or maybe you want to quit the 9-5 and set up in business in 2018?

Schedule a Skype coaching session with me via email and we can put you on the right path to success.

Make 2018 not just a new year but a new start and get your life and business on the right track!

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