Testimonials Rock!

Why are Testimonials and Reviews so important in Business?

They build the know, like and trust factor.

They showcase how you can help and how you can serve your clients.

Each and everyone of us is different, we are all unique, we all have life and business experiences that are unique to each of us,  we all have skills, knowledge and areas of expertise that maybe others do not have.

Testimonials are a great way of proving who you are and what you do, showing the world how you are a key person in your  field.

So I am showing up and shouting from the rooftops some lovely Testimonials I have received from very happy clients. After all that is why I do what I do!

Why hide this stuff from you all?

Some might say its bragging, showing off, others will say ‘shout it from the rooftops’, its all about showcasing what I can do to help you!

As I write this, the negative nora is saying ‘Anita, stop boasting and showing off’ but the positive pat is saying ‘Stop hiding your talents, you have worked hard to get to where you are now and its selfish and unkind to not share with your community’.

The question you asked is why listen to you….I think that you missed the number one reason….The reason to listen to you is that you are good. You are smart. You learned early on that one size does not fit all. The reason to listen to you is that you are one of those rare people who listen, you create solutions, and you see the project through to the end. People like you Anita, only come along every so often. You have a unique ability to provide value. Like a mentor, you help others grow past their difficulties to reach their next level. You are able to help others create and realize new dreams. Why listen to you? Because you are the best.



First of all thank you for the coaching session this morning; it really helped me clarify a lot of things. When you spend most of your time helping other people, it is actually quite strange to feel listened to properly and you do it so well. So thank you so much it means a lot to me.


My first session with Anita was getting to know you and what are your goals.  Being a stay at home mum, having goals, or me time has always been put to one side but through the first session of Life Coaching, Anita made me realize that having time to myself and reaching my goals is not impossible.   
The second session was a bit more complex; it was finding out about the inner you.  I must say, I knew exactly what that was and I was not surprised of the outcome but Anita was very professional in helping me deal with the way I am.
The third session was most challenging! Anita has taught me how to deal with what once was an annoying past and every day issues that I thought I‘d never be able to let go. 
Anita has a way in asking questions that take you further than you expected to go and challenge your thinking.


When I found Anita and embarked on my business coaching journey, the initial assessment was a good tool for analysing my needs and giving me a focus for how the other sessions may help.
Sessions 1 and 2 really helped me realise that better time management was the key to achieving my business goals more easily.
Session 3 then looked back on what we had done and ensured I stayed focussed on managing time more effectively.
I would recommend Anita’s coaching services. She is friendly and easy to talk to with some very good ideas for businesses of any stage of development.


I have recently had the pleasure of having NLP coaching sessions with Anita, and I have found these sessions to be extremely helpful.
I am someone who has a lot of things to manage in my life, business goals, personal goals and family life and just the act of taking time out to assess where I am at and whether I am working towards these goals or not has been extremely valuable, however this has been made more productive and resourceful for me with Anita leading the sessions. 
She listened excellently, and led me towards my own conclusions using various tools.  Never at any point did I feel that she was trying to tell me how to resolve any issue or how best to deal with something, it was very natural and conversational and left me with a good vision of how to move forward.
I would obviously recommend Anita to anyone who had a goal that they were trying to achieve.


Anita has proved to be a very effective coach from the very first session she understood the way I felt.  She has helped me in my business and personal goals by encouraging me step by step.  I feel more confident in presentation in front of colleagues.  She has showed me ways to be more relaxed within my personal life. Many thanks for all your help.