About Me!

Hi I am Anita and I am a Lifestyle and Business Success Coach, I have over 25 years experience in Marketing in the Publishing, Retail, Advertising, Small Business, and Local Press Sector. I am an accredited Performance Coach, I studied and worked my backside off a few years ago to gain a credible diploma so I can not only walk the talk, but to be a credible, non stuffy, empowering, motivational, supportive Business Coach. I’ve not just read a book on coaching; I have owned businesses for over 20 years.

I have successfully worked with many businesses; Automotive, Health and Nutrition Coaches, Life Coaches, Beauty Therapists, Trades, Freelance Consultants, Family Businesses, Small Businesses, Start Ups and empowered the success of businesses who are stuck and need to be supported.

Working with a family business, I turned that business around into a 6 figure business after rebranding, target marketing, strategy, growth planning, staffing issues sorted, mindset work with the owner and lots of planning (there was more to it than that!)

I have personally been through business start-ups, business growth, business change of direction, juggling business and family life often through adversity and massive curveballs.

I am passionate about helping other small businesses, start-ups and those making the leap from employment to entrepreneurship.

My mission is to inspire, motivate and support business owners to take action and to succeed.