Why listen to me?

Let me introduce myself, I am Anita and I am a Lifestyle and Business Performance Coach.

(Don’t be put off by the term ‘coach‘, I am not your typical business coach, I haven’t just gone and read a coaching book, I have lived, breathed and walked the talk of being in business for over 20 years!)

My goal is to inspire, motivate and support busy business owners, hold their hand and help them find their way in a manic world juggling business, work and home life.

I am also a parent, a mum to two beautiful daughters, a kinship carer to my eldest son (Ill come onto that in a blog!) a wife and a business owner; I am the founder of Ocean Coaching. I recognise how we deal with so many obstacles and realities on a daily basis, which are sometimes in our control and often out of our control. The day to day tasks that so often we find overwhelming or just difficult to motivate ourselves to do because often there is always something else that gets in the way… the school play, hospital appointments, take the children to their activities, help with homework, urgent admin work, cook the tea, run the household, spend time with your partner, lack of sleeping, mind monkeys making us anxious so we feel unable to get through the day ahead and that’s BEFORE we start working on our businesses!! Phew…. We lead such mad busy lives its no wonder every now and then we need to take stock, stop, think, focus and try to work out how to be organised, give ourselves more time or even get that motivation back to reach our own goals and work on our businesses to give us the freedom and financial gain we all desperately seek.

This is where I come in… I am just like you the lovely business owner sitting there reading this because somehow you have discovered my practice!

After years of juggling motherhood, helping my partner build his automotive business and quite frankly being lost, tired, lack of motivation, lack of drive, lost my way and trying to work out who am I?? What do I want?? Oh and years of helping others in their personal lives and offering tips and helpful hints to help them grow their businesses, in the therapy world this is called being a ‘rescuer’ always wanting to help others before helping yourself! I decided there is more to me; I want to empower and give clarity and focus to others in that position. I read loads of self help books, searched the internet for advice and help and direction then I stumbled upon an Accredited Performance and Life Coaching Course, I had a light bulb moment and decided to retrain as a Business and Lifestyle Coach, I had over 20 years experience in Marketing, Sales and Publishing and over 16 years of being a mum, I wanted to make sure I had the skills, knowledge and training to offer to my coaching clients in my practice, to give value and most of all the best service I can. It felt so natural to make that jump. I graduated with a Level 5 Accredited Diploma in Coaching with NLP and founded Ocean Coaching – for your wave of inspiration.

Not only am I accredited in what I do, I have had many life experiences, one day I will write a book. I have experience in bereavement, child with disabilities, rocky relationships, juggling work and home, overcoming bullying from my past, anxieties, stress, depression, money worries, trying to be the perfect woman and so on. So my life experiences have made me the woman I am today, I no longer look back at tragic or sad events with regret or look back wondering about missed opportunities, As a mum and a business woman all these experiences in life have opened up new doors and opportunities for me, empowering me to help others and become the best I can be.

My own goal Is to help busy people all over the world make a difference in their lives, give you the tools and techniques to feel fully empowered to enjoy life, work, relationships and feel better about your choices and your future!

My aim is to assist those with a business and a family who are relying on you! I will help you find your purpose, realise your dreams, find clarity, focus and drive to seek your goals. Giving you the tools and techniques to master the art of juggling a family, relationships, partnerships and a business. Creating a life of financial wellbeing, a productive business to be proud of and freedom of time.

I am your other set of eyes on your business helping you on the road to success and harmonious family relationships.

For more information please visit my ‘how can I help you page’ or to book please email anita@oceancoaching.co.uk.


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